Roundtree Moore - Unsafe vehicle


I bought an SUV, it was used but still have some expectations it was new to us, we only got to test drive 3 miles as the vehicle was empty so we never got above 35mph we liked it so we bought it and since it was after hours we were told to bring back next day to detail and fill up put 45 dollars gas in it to get home and back on way home had shutter in rear tires so when we returned they agreed to balance tires well we got home and it still shook so i took it to my tire guy and tire was out of balance 6 ounces and was flat spotted also detail was filthy talked to manager who had it re-detailed and still pulled 7 handfuls of dirt from hatchback and door jams was told by salesman that since i new how to detail cars i could do it talked to two salesmen and they were going to talk to manager about fixing tire never heard a word called general manager who told me it was not in the budget that they had cut the price so close that they could not put 400 dollars worth of tires on the car i asked him if he was going to let my wife drive an unsafe vehicle because it pulls so bad to the left you have to fight to keep it on the road and he said there was nothing he could do i advised i hope he stayed in business as i would blog the *** out of the way i was treated and he didn't seem to care stay away from these three dealerships they love you till you sign the papers

Review about: Suv Purchase.

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